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We are developing an integrated network of cargo and passenger transportation solutions.

Bringing the world's most cost effective Hyperloop solution


The QuinPod 

Inspired by organic designs and enviornment around us, the QuinPod is a blend of technology and nature, culminated to deliver the best of both worlds. 

Electromagnetic Propulsion

Linear Synchronous Machines placed at intermittent distances to cruise the pod at higher velocities with less energy consumption as compared to flights or high speed-rail. 

Passive Levitation

A safer, reliable method to overcome friction at high speeds. Consisting of magnets arranged in halbach array, attached to a backing plate 

Animation Package.119.png
Low- Vacuum Conditions 

Controlled pressure environment optimized to a order of 10^3 pascals, to reduce drag and maintain stability of the structure.

Composite Concrete Tube.jpeg

Composite-Concrete-based tubes as an alternative to steel structures, to reduce overall project expenditure and enhance performance. 

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